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 "Queens with Gems".


     The objective of this program is to offer single mothers training in areas such as health and nutrition, financial planning, parenting tips and many other useful life skills.  We also provide a financial incentive to the mothers as they participate in our program.


           The mothers in the Queens with Gems Program predominantly come from the Austin community but we are starting to accept woman from other parts of the city as well.  Many of them receive monthly governmental support such as supplemental housing and food stamps.  The program offers these mothers a monthly stipend in order to help them with expenses as well as to ensure their attendance and participation in the training program. 


     An obstacle that all our mothers face, as well as thousands of others, is obtaining affordable and convenient childcare.   The task of taking a child to the sitter then proceeding to work and having to pick the child up from the sitter before returning home can be overwhelming, but doing all of this on public transportation is even more burdensome.  With the skill level many of the mothers in our program poses, leaving home is not financially beneficial.  The Excel CDC addresses this concern.  The children must be on campus with the parents while they work, eliminating multiple drop-off and pick-up stops.


     The Queens with Gems Program not only seeks to impact the lives of the “queens” but also the “gems” their children.  While on campus, the children receive homework help and tutoring along with extra curricular activities.  We have hired outside vendors to teach the children drum and horn lessons, praise dance, and bible lessons.  The children have weekly arts and crafts activities along with Spanish lessons and participate in mentoring programs.


     This is just an introduction to what The Queens with Gems Program offers.  Should you require any additional information, please feel free to schedule a visit to our site or receive more detailed information in writing.  Thank you again for your consideration.

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