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Project Promise

PROJECT PROMISE is a Joint Project between a not-for-profit church, a for-profit business and a not-for-profit Community Development Corporation.

What is the purpose of PROJECT PROMISE?
The purpose of PROJECT PROMISE is to use the facilities of these organizations to enhance the North Austin community by bringing a useful and beautiful project to the Chicago Avenue corridor as well as a state of the art resource center to help impact and advance the residents of the west-side of Chicago.


When will the construction begin for PROJECT PROMISE?
The renovation of these properties is slated to begin May 2020


Where is PROJECT PROMISE located?
PROJECT PROMISE consist of properties from 4821 through 4831 W. on Chicago Avenue in Chicago Illinois.


Why Should I be involved in PROJECT PROMISE?
This Project will help continue to combat the rising violence we see happening on the west-side of Chicago, and help bring families back to HOPE.


How will PROJECT PROMISE be funded?
Through grant funding, fundraising, and personal donations.


Who are the groups connected to the Promise Project?

Hope Excel Academy and campus (Education)
a private school with grades pre-K through third grade,
multiple programs including after-school and summer programs. Youth programs pointing our youth toward Leadership
•    This school is registered with the state of Illinois (ISBE) and gifts are tax deductible through Excel CDC


Promises Café (Food for Families)
providing meals to both the school, the church and the community development Corporation 
as well as to the general public.
•    Gifts are not Tax Deductible 


The Promise Church of Chicago (Spiritual transformation)
the promise Church of Chicago has become a staple in the Austin community and will continue 
to provide spiritual and social services needed in this community.
•    gifts are tax deductible through Heirs of the Promise Ministry


Excel Community Development Corporation (Community services)
Excel CDC will provide services in the following areas, programs geared to mothers with children, job training and placement, job training and placement specifically for those men who are stable and help for returning citizens. Affordable housing and social justice.
•    gifts are tax deductible through Excel CDC


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